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L-MA CNC Aluminum Tail Motor Mount w/Carbon Fiber Vertical Tail Fin Set for FW200

SKU L-MA80060-R
Color: Red

• Machined from a block 6061 Aluminum with tight tolerances for better accuracy and durability.
• The Aluminum Column is machined with high precision.
• Easy and quick installation compatible with original configuration and CNC upgrade.
Separate parts design for easily replacing of each part when there is a crash.

Upgraded Features:
• Enhanced overall tail performance, stability and durability.
• Tailored specifically for FW200 designs.
More options of colors: Red/ Black Anodized Aluminum.
• The Tail Motor Mount is designed with multiple holes cut for lighter weight and better air flow to dissipate motor heat.
• The Tail Motor Mount could be tightened with screw M1.6 Cap Screw.
The Vertical Tail Fin’s Style could be customized as you want when buying in bulk.

• Vertical Tail Fin: Carbon Fiber.
Tail Motor Mount: Black/Red Anodized Aluminum.

Weight compare:
• Stock Plastic Vertical Tail Fin Set: ....Updating
• L-MA CNC AL Tail Motor Mount w/ Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin Set: ....Updating

Package included:
• 1 x L-MA CNC AL Tail Motor Mount w/Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin Set for FW200.