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L-MA Precision Aluminum Head Combo for BLADE InFusion 180

Original price $62.47
Current price $56.20
SKU L-MA80173-R
Color: Red

• Machined from a block 6061 Aluminum with tight tolerances for better accuracy and durability.
• Easy and quick installation compatible with original configuration and CNC upgrade.
Separate parts are designed for easily replacing of each part when there is a crash.

Upgraded Features:
• Tailored specifically for BLADE InFusion 180 designs.
• More options of colors: Silver/Red Anodized Aluminum.  

• Aluminum 6061-T6 - colorful anodized.

Package included:
1 x L-MA Precision Aluminum Main Rotor Headblock Set w/Button (SKU: L-MA80174), $15.99
1 x L-MA Precision Aluminum Main Blade Grips Set (SKU: L-MA80093), $23.99
1 x L-MA Precision Aluminum Swashplate Set (SKU: L-MA80095), $22.49

* You save 10% with this combo *